Sunday, February 14, 2010

Clear his name?

Today I spent part of the day working on my book and I'm trying really hard to keep it positive. When I come across some things, my message gets a bit off track.

We've all heard the story of how Kathie wrote to several people after she gave up her visits with Kelsey. The emails and letters have been said to have fought for Kelsey. What hasn't been told is that the emails and letters were aimed at clearing Lance's name.

The first line states: "We need your help in clearing the name of a soldier fighting in Iraq." It doesn't start with "help me save my grandchild" or "I'm fighting for my grandchild."

It seems that each day I learn something new and I grow even more sad for a child I never met. I also grow more certain that Raye was the one who fought for Kelsey. My heart breaks for her.


  1. Wow, that is startling, what about Kelsey?, in my opinion if they really thought Kelsey was dying they would never have ignored her for 2 months, and they would have turned up at that final court hearing pleading their case!

    Laura H

  2. Exactly! They say it's about Kelsey, but their actions don't show that Kelsey has anything to do with anything. It's so sad!

  3. I see this as a spin. The custody battle itself may have been more important to them than Kelsey's injuries. This shines another light on why the injuries were documented in the first place. The purpose may have been to take her away from Raye regardless so the anger and frustration towards her was large even then. It is sad that there was no coming together on their part to find out who was indeed responsible. In walking away, they failed Kelsey as well. When you are passionate about something like they are about going after Raye so ferociously, you stick with it through to resolve. This does show that their focus was not Kelsey, but Raye. No one focused on the murdered clearing the path to what ultimately happened. Heartbreaking indeed.

  4. I agree. It was all about custody. She stated that Lance never abused Raye but that Raye was abusive toward Lance and that she didn't want Lance on a treatment plan with DHS when he returned home. She wanted him to be able to go after custody right away instead of being watched because of his abusive past.This could also explain why he ditched every hearing for Kelsey.