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Mike was not at work on the day Kelsey died

After my notes on the five pages I've read so far from the biased book, I was contacted and challenged on my statement that Mike Porter was only at work for an hour or two on the day that Kelsey was raped and murdered. The biased "journalists" left that part out of their book from what I've read so far and I'm not surprised that people are changing their stories and are willing to lie. It's all about spreading hate toward Raye and her family, just like the lie that Gayla was on the phone with Raye when she was supposed to be napping. This is not true! Or the lie that Key represented Janet before he became judge. Not true! He didn't even live in the same town as Janet. People make up things and throw them out there to see if anyone will bite and it's tragic that anyone believes the liars.

This is from Mike Porter's preliminary hearing:

Questioning by Mike's attorney

Answers by Mike Taber, Mike Porter's friend and employee

Q – Do you know whether Mike was at work that day?

A – He was at work, briefly.

Q – Do you know what time he left work?

A – No. I couldn’t tell you that.

Questioning by ADA

Answers by Mike Taber, Mike Porter's friend and employee

Q – Mr. Taber, you had indicated in response to Mr. Sutton’s questions that on October 11th the defendant had been at work briefly?

A – I believe so, yes.

Q – Do you remember at what time the defendant arrived at work?

A – No.

Q – Do you remember what time maybe he left?

A – No, I can’t.

Q – Do you remember how long – you used the term “briefly.” Can you define that by minutes or hours, however long?

A – I’m going to say maybe an hour, two hours tops, he might have been there at work. His office is not in the same building as I work, so it’s kind of hard for me to say.

Q – Do you remember if that time that he was there for an hour or two hours was in the morning or the afternoon?

A – No, I can’t recall.

This is from Mike Porter's OSBI interview:

Q….So it was after Jean left that you-guys visited, you and Raye Dawn visited on the phone. And you told me before that you left - - you left work around 2:15 or 2:30?

A….Yeah, somewhere around there. I was running late.

Q….And you went back to give the pickup to Raye Dawn so she could go pick up ...?

A….We just got her Explorer out. It had been in the shop for a while. And when we were driving it home, we noticed it had a wobble and it’s almost too much of a wobble for her to control. So that’s why I said, you know, “I’ll just bring the truck home, and you can go get ....”

And she said, “Well, okay. I’m going to go lay down.”

Q….What time does ... have to be picked up?

A….She gets out of school at, I think, 2:55 but we always try to get there a little after three, because Sequoyah, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, the pick-up line will flow all the way out into the street. And a lot of times if you get there, even if you get there at 2:30, you don’t get up there to pick them up until 3:05 anyway. We usually go about 3:05, I guess, and we can just drive right in and get her.

Q….How long does it take to get from your house to Sequoyah?

A…I’m guessing 20 minutes.

Q….About 20 minutes?

A….Yeah. I mean, she left at 2:45, I think. She was going to be right about on time.

Q….And it only takes you just a couple of minutes to get home from work?

A….Oh, yeah. I’m just right there. Five minutes.

Q….Now, when you got home, where was Kelsey and Raye Dawn?

A….When I got home, Kelsey and Raye were in the bed still napping.

I know that my readers are intelligent and that you can figure it out for yourselves, but I want to make a point that Mike Porter worked less than four miles from home and we're talking about a straight, country road with no traffic and a speed limit over 50. (I've been there twice but I can't remember the speed limit.) If he were telling the truth and he was at work, like he claimed, why would he leave work at 2:15 or 2:30 to travel "less than five minutes" and be home at 2:45pm as he claimed. Can anyone answer that question for me? Was he there at 2:45pm? This is from Raye Dawn's testimony at Mike Porter's preliminary hearing:

The district attorney is questioning.

Raye Dawn is answering.

Q – Okay. After you laid down about two o’clock, what do you next remember?

A – We laid down and she was taking the raisins out of the box and was eating them and she would close it after she got out each time. And we had a discussion about – I told her, I said, “Kelsey,” I said, “close that box.” And she said, “Mommy, I have to get some.” And I said, “Well, get some.” And we laid there for a minute and then she said, “Mommy, I love you so much.” And I said, “I love you too, Kels.”

Q – What happened next?

A – She went to sleep.

Q - When she went to sleep, can you recall how she was laying on the bed? Well, first of all, let me backtrack. What room were you in?

A – We were in my bedroom.

Q – And is that located – the house in Meeker is east of Meeker on Highway 62; correct?

A – Correct.

Q – And it’s set back on a hill?

A – (The witness nodded her head.)

Q – Is it a two-story or one-story?

A – It was two-story.

Q – And the master bedroom, where is that located?

A – It’s located downstairs.

Q – Okay. And is that the bedroom that you went to sleep in?

A – Yes.

Q – That you went to lay down in?

A – Yes.

Q – Okay. When Kelsey went to sleep, what was she wearing?

A – She was wearing her black biker T-shirt that went to her knees.

Q – Anything else?

A – No.

Q – Is there a reason you didn’t put another diaper or other pants or panties on her?

A – No. Just after I took her pants and her panties off, we just started looking for something to snack on and then just went to lay down.

Q – Okay. When she went to sleep, how was she laying?

A – On her back.

Q – Okay. What happened next that you can recall?

A – I remember – I don’t remember if Mike woke me up or if I just woke up, and he was standing at the edge of the bed.

Q – Okay. So is it fair to say, then, you also napped?

A – Yes.

Q – Okay. So when you say “Mike,” you mean the defendant, Michael Porter?

A – Yes, sir.

Q – What happened when he arrived at the house?

A – Then when I woke up, he was standing at the edge of the bed. And I said, “I’m not going to” – I said, “I’m not going to take her.”

Q – What did you mean by “I’m not going to take her,” and who did you mean?

A – I mean Kelsey, because she had just fallen asleep.

Q – When you say “I’m not going to take her,” where were you going?

A – I was going to pick up Mike’s daughter at school in Shawnee.

Q – And what’s Mike’s daughter’s name?

A – ......

Q – And your decision to pick her up, whose decision was that on this day?

A – It was his. He had told me earlier at some point.

Q – Do you recall when he had told you?

A – No. It was either that morning or the night before that we had discussed it.

Q – Where was ... in school?

A – She was in Sequoyah.

Q – Is that in Shawnee?

A – Yes.

Q – Sequoyah Elementary?

A – Yes.

Q – How far or how long would it take you or anyone to get from your house to Sequoyah Elementary?

A – About 20, 25 minutes.

Q – Okay. And you had to pick her up and drive her, or someone from the family had to pick her up and drive her every morning; correct?

A – Correct.

Q – And pick her up after school?

A – Correct.

Q – Was that normally done by you or normally done by Mr. Porter?

A – It was done by both of us.

Q – Was there any set schedule to it or just random?

A – No. Just random.

Q – Okay. So this was not the first time you had gone to pick ... up from school?

A – Correct.

Q – Okay. So you made the decision at that time not to take Kelsey with you; correct?

A – Correct.

Q – What happened then?

A – So then I slip out of bed, and I stand there and watch her for a second.

Q – Why?

A – Because usually when I would get up, she would wake up most of the time.

Q – And had she woken up at this point, what would you have done with her?

A – I would have taken her with me.

Q – Why?

A – Because I would – if she was awake, I would always take her with me.

Q – Okay. But at this point, she was not awake?

A – Right.

Q – Was she sleeping?

A – Yes.

Q – Was she breathing?

A – Yes.

Q – Okay. Everything appeared normal to you about her?

A – Yes.

Q – What happened next?

A – Then I told Mike I wanted to show him the turtle that Kelsey was playing with. He follows me outside. And I look around for a second for it, and I didn’t find it. So I get in the truck and I leave. And then as I’m backing up, I stop, I roll down the window, and I said, “Take care of my baby.”

Q – Okay. What happened next? What did you do?

A – Then he nodded his head and rolled his eyes.

Questioning by Mike Porter's attorney.

Answers by Raye Dawn.

Q – Do you know what time Mike got home that day?

A – About 2:45.

Q – How do you know it was 2:45?

A – That’s when we discussed he would be there.

Q – Is Mike usually on time?

A – Yes, sir.

Q – Is he usually pretty responsible?

A – I used to think so.

When Mike Porter arrived, nobody knows. Raye didn't look at the clock. She just went on the time that he said he would be there. Raye states that she felt someone watching her and she opened her eyes and he was standing by the bed. She doesn't know how long he was there. She doesn't think he tried to wake her up. Looking back now, she calls it "creepy."

Raye Dawn and her family wanted and still wants the truth--ALL OF THE TRUTH--good or bad to be told so that they will know what happened to Kelsey. Why are the cyber bullies and people who claim to love Kelsey working so hard to silence the truth? Why wasn't Mike Porter taken to trial so that all of his dirty deeds could be brought to light? As I stated in my previous post, it's all in God's time and hopefully some light bulbs have been lit today. That is my prayer.

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A Deadly Game of Tug of War: The Kelsey Smith-Briggs Story

The amount of hate that's on the Internet is really sad. If the hate group isn't cyber bullying Raye or her family or me, they're trashing Judge Key. Why? Are they that ignorant of the law and what a judge can and can't do, or do they choose to put all of their faith into what the man who was charged with the sexual assault and murder of a two-year-old has to say? I'm guessing the latter.

If you haven't read his book, I urge you to do so before you make any judgment of him. Unlike what the liars want to promote, the book was written by Craig I am a ghost writer. I am also an editor. I'm amazed that people who know nothing about me or what my opinion was of Raye at the time that Key hired me can state that I wrote the book or that I made it biased and in favor of Raye. As I explain in my book, I judged Raye as a monster and I thought she was a terrible mom. It wasn't until I finished my contract with Key that I had any compassion for Raye. Therefore, their claims are a joke.

Please watch:

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Media abuse of children

Oklahoma "journalists" have been reporting one-sided stories, and in turn, abusing children, ruining reputations, and giving false allegations legs to stand on. When will a change be made in our state that stops the nonsense?

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You forgot one...

Lori, Lori, Lori, you're forgetting the woman that Lance beat up last year to the point that she had to spend five days in the hospital. I can tell you right now that Kathie's $20 wouldn't buy my silence...

Or maybe the question we should be asking is why the district attorney dismissed three separate counts of domestic violence against Lance--that occurred with three different women and years apart--on the same day--one was dismissed seven years after the charge and the other two were dismissed two years after the charges. Why clean up his record of domestic violence charges? Why dismiss the open container charge against him when he wrecked his truck? Why cover up his history of violence, alcohol, and drugs and then say that you're fighting against child abuse? Abuse is abuse.

Crossposted articles from Shawnee News-Star

Web-Posted Aug. 03, 2007 03:59: PM
Briggs to face charges after alleged domestic dispute
By Erin Medley
SNS Reporter

The father of a 2-year-old toddler who died in October 2005 of alleged child abused has been charged with two counts of assault and battery and another of actual physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated.
Raymond Lance Briggs faces misdemeanor charges of assault and battery, as well as a charge of actual physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated, after an altercation with his ex-girlfriend last week.

Briggs, 29, was arrested on June 28 after showing up at the home of his ex-girlfriend, Marie Larson.

The police report shows he pulled her by her hair through the front door and also pushed Larson's friend, Jackie Wood.

Police arrived at the scene and found Briggs in his pickup truck with the keys in the ignition.

The police report shows that Briggs had an odor of alcohol on him, as well as slurred speech and red, watery eyes.

He was arrested on the scene for domestic violence and APC.

Briggs will face two counts of assault and battery and one count of APC.

Briggs is the father of Kelsey Smith-Briggs, the 2-year-old Meeker toddler who died of alleged child abuse.

Her stepfather, Michael Porter, has been charged with the death, and her mother Rae Dawn Smith has been charged with enabling child abuse.


Web-Posted Aug. 03, 2007 03:59: PM
Briggs arrested on complaint of domestic abuse
By Kim Morava
SNS Reporter
Raymond Lance Briggs, the man Oklahomans know as the father of a slain Meeker toddler, was arrested Wednesday night on an unrelated domestic abuse complaint following a series of events at a Shawnee home.

Shawnee police responded to a fight in progress Wednesday night at a home on East Drummond Street.

Reports of prior domestic problems apparently escalated at the home of Briggs' former girlfriend. The 24-year-old woman told police she and a friend were sitting on the couch when Briggs, 29, came over and dragged her out of the house by her hair, said Shawnee Interim Chief Wayne Crall. The incident reportedly occurred after she answered the door. During the altercation, the front door was busted and front windows broken out, the report said.

The woman alleges she and Briggs parted two months ago and that he had been stalking her, the report said. She reportedly has bruising from Wednesday's incident and her female friend also was reportedly shoved into broken glass when she tried to help, Crall said.

Lance Briggs, Mugshot

A police report shows that Briggs and his friend, Randy Flick, 36, told authorities that they had been assaulted by the two females at the residence. Briggs reported he was assaulted while sitting in his vehicle by being struck on the side of head.

Police found Briggs sitting in his pickup with the keys in the ignition. The report shows he had an odor of alcoholic beverage on his person, along with red, watery eyes and slurred speech. He was arrested at the scene on complaints of domestic violence and APC -- being in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants.

The report shows that Briggs told officers that he put the keys in the ignition to roll down his window to talk to police. Following his arrest, Briggs was booked into the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center and consented to a breathalyzer test. That test revealed a .08 alcohol concentration, which is the legal limit for being drunk.

Randy Flick also was arrested at the scene on complaints of disturbing the peace while being drunk and disorderly and on a complaint of possession of marijuana after police found a leafy substance in his shorts pocket.

Briggs appeared before a judge Thursday and was released from jail after posting a $3,500 bond. He was ordered to have no contact with the former girlfriend.

Late Thursday afternoon, the former girlfriend filed an Emergency Protective Order against Briggs.

In that EPO application, the woman alleges that she and Briggs were in a dating relationship. She alleges he came into her home and pulled her out of the house by her hair, going through the screen door. During the alteration, she alleges that Briggs said he was taking her to the lake, but police intervened.

She also alleged in the EPO application that Briggs has a gun that he keeps in his truck. The EPO was temporarily granted and both parties are scheduled to appear in court for the EPO matter on July 5.

Oklahomans have come to know Briggs as part of an unrelated case involving his daughter, Kelsey Smith Briggs, the 2 1/2 year-old Meeker toddler who died Oct. 11, 2005, of suspected child abuse.

Kelsey's stepfather, Michael Lee Porter, is charged with first-degree murder in Kelsey's death. The child's mother, Raye Dawn Smith, is charged with enabling child abuse.

Court records reveal this unrelated arrest for Briggs is his second for domestic-related issues. In a 2001 Lincoln County case, he was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery, domestic abuse. He pleaded no contest in that case and received a deferred sentence.

Chief Crall said the police report and evidence surrounding Wednesday's incident in Shawnee will be forwarded to the district attorney's office for consideration of any formal charges.

Attempts to contact Briggs for comment were unsuccessful.

Web-Posted Aug. 03, 2007 04:02: PM

Kelsey's father gets deferred sentence for DV

SHAWNEE (AP) -- A one-year deferred sentence has been handed down to the father of child abuse victim Kelsey Smith-Briggs in an unrelated domestic incident with a former girlfriend.
Lance Briggs, 29, of Meeker, pleaded no contest Wednesday to a misdemeanor assault and battery charge filed in Pottawatomie County District Court following the incident.

Briggs reached a plea agreement with prosecutors after a May 28 incident at the home of Marie Larson, 25, of Shawnee.

Special District Judge Dawson Engle ordered Briggs to pay $250 in court costs and fines, and repay Larson $347 for windows Briggs was accused of breaking in her home. A court order states Briggs must attend an anger management course and not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs for one year.

Larson said Briggs should have received a heftier sentence, considering he was convicted in 2001 of assaulting his former wife, Raye Dawn Smith. In that case, Briggs was given a one-year deferred sentence and ordered to attend anger management classes and domestic abuse counseling.

"I think people feel sorry for him," Larson said. "That's why he got off so easy."

Assistant District Attorney Sunne Riedel Day said she felt the plea agreement was fair. If Briggs slides on the court's conditions, he can be locked up in county jail for as long as 90 days.

He also is ordered to stay away from Larson.

Briggs' attorney, Josh Welch, said there was no admission of guilt from Briggs, and that he expects the charge to be dismissed in one year.

Welch said Briggs accepted the plea agreement because he wants to put the incident behind him.

Larson claimed Briggs broke through her front door and attempted to pull her outside by her hair. A friend of Larson's also was cut. Larson had accused Briggs of pushing her friend into a pile of shattered glass from the windows.

Briggs is a witness in the murder case against Michael Lee Porter. Porter is accused of killing Briggs' stepdaughter, 2-year-old Kelsey Smith-Briggs, on Oct. 11, 2005.

Prosecutors allege Kelsey died after being hit in the stomach. Porter is charged with first-degree murder. Smith, Briggs' ex-wife, faces charges of enabling child abuse and child neglect.

Briggs filed a lawsuit in May against the state Department of Human Services, its director and social workers, blaming a systemwide failure for the 2-year-old's death. He also is suing two Shawnee physicians, claiming they failed to recognize and report Kelsey's abuse.

Who had a violent past?

I've heard that there is a story in the "journalists'" book for the Briggs that Lance sat in the back row of the funeral home because "a soldier always sits with his back against the wall." In reality, according to witnesses, he reeked of alcohol and was falling down drunk and the back row was as far as they could carry him without everyone realizing that he was too drunk to walk. I suppose this is a pattern as evidenced in the following police report:

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Things for Kathie and Lance get gooder and gooder

Oklahoma City, OK
Reply »|Report Abuse|Judge it!|#2600316 hrs ago

OSU_CowGirl wrote:

Well, Gee Teri I wonder why? You get your panties in a wad for no good reason and suddenly your friends with Gayla and Jody? Are you kidding me? What would Kelsey think of your behavior Teri? You are making everything about YOU when it should be about Kelsey!

i think that people are jeolous that lance and his mother have made a name for themselfs. they even had a book wrote about them. people need to leave lance alone, i heard he was going to collage and gettin his education at oscar rose collage or may already have it. he will be rich once he gets his movie deal and he can tell his story anyway he wants to. it was his daughter and he knows what really happened. idont beleave he beat up rayd dawn and i think them other women framed him because they were secreatly working for the smiths supporters and staged it. It is sad that people hate them just because they ar e making more money than them.

Oklahoma City, OK
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im in awe too starla, don't you wish we could be like her?

Oklahoma City, OK
Reply »|Report Abuse|Judge it!|#260138 hrs ago

you are a spitefull unchristian womom. yes someone can take that away form you. kathie can take that away. you have and you contenue to steel her thunder. never was your grandaughter. are you jeolous of her because she wanted to be famous and is famous now with money. She has become an importnat person and made something of herself. people want to touch her hiar, who wants to touch yours? not me. read the book-who really killed kesley. it will tell you every thing you need to know abaout the briggs and your daughter is mean. i was led to beleave that ashley was a real godd mother to kelsey then the book writers decided to tell the truth about who really killed kelsey. you need to smoke you home out with sage to get rid of the evel that is in you. i think you are sad your daughter is not with lance because now he will have a big house and car, he will be famous when his move comes out and you won't get non of the money and that is what you can not stand. u dont get any money and now kathie can live like gayla lived and now gayla has to be kathy.Sham on both of you, try to be christian like and maybe god mite forgive you but me and kathie and lance dont have to. does anyone know win i can get my book signed by kathie and lance briggs? i also think it would be special to get a picutre with them, i will bring my own camera? i sleep with my book on my heart and i can feel kathie through my heart, i dreamed about her last night and everything turned out for her. her and lances lives will contenue to get gooder and gooder.