Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who had a violent past?

I've heard that there is a story in the "journalists'" book for the Briggs that Lance sat in the back row of the funeral home because "a soldier always sits with his back against the wall." In reality, according to witnesses, he reeked of alcohol and was falling down drunk and the back row was as far as they could carry him without everyone realizing that he was too drunk to walk. I suppose this is a pattern as evidenced in the following police report:


  1. WOW! What vile language. I am surprised they didn't beat the shit out of him. Those officers deserve a medal - especially the female. In our state, if you even SAID the f-word, the'd flip you like a rag doll, cuff you and be sure you never forgot it. Actually, the police here are trained to take NO GUFF from anyone. It is an issue. He is really lucky.
    This clearly shows he has serious anger management and authority issues.
    Because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and he probably witnessed abuse in his own home, he is only behaving what he has learned. I can't imagine a child of mine ever saying something so nasty. We only use words of love in our house. Shows lots of disfunction for sure.

  2. I was shocked too when I first read the report. You see how they make excuses for him so that he's not arrested? That seems to be a pattern. I don't get it and I don't understand why he wasn't arrested or why they cover up how violent he is. It's dangerous! Last year an unsuspecting woman believed that it was all stories and she trusted him and then he allegedly beat her up. I'd think that those who are covering up for him should be held accountable for their part in the cover-up. Wouldn't it be enabling? Why not say that he's a violent man and he has issues and he beats up women but he loved his daughter? Although there is no evidence that he loved Kelsey, that would be closer to the truth than all of the lies they're putting out there to make him look like a saint. Yuck!