Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Deadly Game of Tug of War: The Kelsey Smith-Briggs Story

The amount of hate that's on the Internet is really sad. If the hate group isn't cyber bullying Raye or her family or me, they're trashing Judge Key. Why? Are they that ignorant of the law and what a judge can and can't do, or do they choose to put all of their faith into what the man who was charged with the sexual assault and murder of a two-year-old has to say? I'm guessing the latter.

If you haven't read his book, I urge you to do so before you make any judgment of him. Unlike what the liars want to promote, the book was written by Craig Key--www.JudgeKey.com. I am a ghost writer. I am also an editor. I'm amazed that people who know nothing about me or what my opinion was of Raye at the time that Key hired me can state that I wrote the book or that I made it biased and in favor of Raye. As I explain in my book, I judged Raye as a monster and I thought she was a terrible mom. It wasn't until I finished my contract with Key that I had any compassion for Raye. Therefore, their claims are a joke.

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  1. This is an excellent book. And Judge Key did his job. It is not his fault that kelsey was murdered. You do the best with the information you are given at the time. No one had any idea this would happen. Even Kathie Briggs didn't think it would or why would she have given up on visiting Kelsey for the extended time before she died? She didn't fight for Kelsey then. So I don't see how anyone can blame anyone for the evil actions of another, in this case, Michael Porter. I wish we could turn back time and eliminate this evil but unfortunately we cannot. Kelsey did not deserve to die. However Michael Porter deserves to be punished no matter what Kathie or the Briggs family thinks in this regard. I never want him to hurt another child ever again.

  2. Me neither, Wendy. I don't get why he was never taken to trial. I'll never understand that. If he does harm another child when he gets out, I can tell you where the blame should be placed along with him.