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A New "Nifong" in Oklahoma?


Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
by NWV staff writer
June 19, 2007
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Oklahoma City, OK - The US~Observer, a national monthly news publication whose mission is to vindicate the wrongly accused and hold accountable those who have sworn to uphold the Constitution, has franchised a paper in Oklahoma called the US~Observer Oklahoma and it is already making a difference for the people of the Sooner State.

By exposing the truth the US~Observer Oklahoma's mission is to defend the freedoms of their local citizens and in their first edition they reveal the stories of the murder of 2-year-old Kelsey Smith-Briggs and the mishandling of the criminal cases surrounding it; the 37-year-long incarceration of Reno Francis for a murder he reportedly did not commit; and the forced plea of a children's pastor who now sits behind bars facing a 35-year sentence for crimes even a medical expert says could not have happened.

In the case of the Kelsey Smith-Briggs exposé, the US~Observer Oklahoma reports a "Nifong-style" prosecution occurring in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, that left unchecked would send another innocent to prison all for the sake of a political agenda. According to the US~Observer Oklahoma, District Attorney Richard Smothermon, who is aspiring to become the Oklahoma State Attorney General, has based his whole case on "a swirling story of innuendo, half-truths, omission and even outright lies."

In a letter written to the US~Observer Oklahoma which was obtained by, the Vice President of Lincoln County's Foster and Adoptive Parent Association states that she will be forwarding the US~Observer Oklahoma's Kelsey Smith-Briggs news article to friends so that, "the truth can come out." Read the entire Kelsey Smith-Briggs article.

When asked about the new US~Observer Oklahoma, Editor and Writer for the US~Observer, Ron Lee stated, "the Oklahoma paper is headed by highly motivated people who want to bring truth to the public and from what I've seen, there's a lot of truth that needs to be revealed." Lee continued, "personally, I feel every state needs a US~Observer to combat the rise of false prosecutions. The justice system is becoming more concerned with making a buck than actually convicting the truly guilty ... The US~Observer, and now the US~Observer Oklahoma, is here to hold everyone accountable to the truth."

Edward Snook, Senior Editor and Investigator of the US~Observer, sees the need for accountability and has for the last twenty years, which has been spent researching cases of false and malicious charges. Snook states, "all citizens across this nation must realize that all who call themselves American and are law abiding, are in jeopardy.

You certainly don’t realize it until you or a loved one are in the cross-hairs of a 'justice system' that requires numbers or self-indulgence to legitimize itself and continue its growth. If the 'justice system' can’t produce numbers, well, then obviously there is no need for as large a 'justice system' as is pushed down our throats on a daily basis by the culprits, using their 'main-stream media.' The possible loss of defendants works against the grain of those in control of the 'system.' It places their jobs at risk! It harms their addiction to their 'climbing of the ladder.' For God’s sake don’t allow the various and multi-leveled 'systems' of so-called-justice in this Nation to literally steal our freedoms from us and place America at risk… Our 'system of justice' in this Nation, has, without question, attempted to completely wipe-out, not only our Constitutional rights, but our belief in and our dedication to success, the difference between right and wrong and belief that we are a FREE PEOPLE!"

Note: The US~Observer's articles pertain to all citizens who believe in the rights granted us by our Constitution and plain common decency. Should you, or anyone you know, be falsely accused of a crime call the US~Observer at 541-474-7885. Should you live in Oklahoma, please call the US~Observer Oklahoma at 405-246-9444, and be sure to tell them sent you.

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For all of those who say that the US Observer is a paid publication. This is a direct statement from them:

Kathie Briggs and several supporters have intentionally perpetuated a lie (among many) claiming the US~Observer Oklahoma was paid to write our article regarding Kelsey Smith-Briggs. We have received many emails forwarded to us where Kathie claims, "The Observer is not a newspaper. It is a tabloid paper published once they are paid by a family to print a story." The US~Observer is a newspaper in existence for more than 15 years. Its sole purpose is to fight injustice and wrongful prosecution in the justice system. Kathie's distinction between newspaper and tabloid is uneducatedly cute; tabloid is a newspaper industry term to describe format size, not content.

Furthermore, the US~Observer Oklahoma never received a single dime for either the investigation or the writing of the Kelsey Smith-Briggs story. Let me be very clear - neither family (Briggs or Smith) paid the US~Observer Oklahoma one cent to publish anything - our bank records attest to this. We published gladly to expose a vindictive temper tantrum and the weight of politics over evidence in the justice system.

Kathie Briggs also makes a false claim that one of our reporters "apologized . . . after the trial." Kathie was not present and three of our staff can attest to what was said. No such apology was ever made. The only apology ever given between the Briggs and a member of the US~Observer is in a recording of Kathie Briggs telling one of our reporters in the halls of the courtroom, "I'm sorry. I know you're just doing your job." The US~Observer Oklahoma stands behind our article and the investigation and sources that produced it: court records & transcripts, police records, sources in DHS, CASA, police departments, court employees, DHS record(s), military sources and sworn affidavits.

Kathie Briggs is a doctor of spin and a manipulator of fact but when this exceeds her reach she lies. Kathie is a liar for saying we received money to investigate and write this story and she is a liar for saying an apology was given. We look forward to exposing her in both the public and legal setting. For all her use of the words slander and liable, she obviously knows neither the definition nor the application."

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