Monday, January 11, 2010

Other Trial Notes

Key things that need to be noted about the depositions are as follows:

1. Lance didn't know Kelsey's birthday or anything about her. He told Raye's attorney, "Ask my mom."
2. The "broken man" the Briggs described who doesn't smile anymore laughed as he sat through Raye Dawn's deposition and held up his fingers for 27, the number of years that Raye was sentenced. He laughed during a deposition about the abuse and murder of his daughter.
3. Kathie stated that she didn't make a single call to DHS concerning Kelsey. The grandmother who "fought so hard for her grandchild" didn't even call in a single report to DHS, according to her.
4. Ashley was unreachable and didn't show up to testify for Lance
5. Richard Smothermon threatened to file a restraining order against Jones if he asked any questions about the case
6. Mike Porter plead the fifth and was defended by Lance's attorney and Lance's attorney shook his hand

Who's hiding something? It sounds like a few people are hiding things.

Further notes on the hearing -
Gayla was listed on Raye Dawn's witness list but Raye Dawn did such a wonderful job that Jones didn't need Gayla.
Plus, Lance's attorney who sounded like a preacher giving a sermon instead of asking questions took up most of the time with his repetitious double talk
Jones wanted to add two more witnesses to Raye Dawn's list but Lance's attorneys threw a fit about it
Lance's attorneys, three middle-aged men high-fived each other after the hearing, which looked almost as silly as Lance's attorney looked on New Year's Eve at the piano bar with his little hat and his horn, ordering drinks, dancing, and carrying on like he was 21

After the hearing, a reporter walked up to Sherri and asked her if she wanted to talk to the media. Sherri stated that she would and as we walked to the elevator I asked the reporter what channel he was with. He stated, "Fox 25." I told Sherri, "He's with Britten's channel." Sherri turned around and told him that she did not have anything to say to any news channel that is associated with Britten Follet. We went outside and a few cameras were there. Sherri made a statement and afterward realized that the channel 25 camera was there. Sherri told the cameraman, "You do not have my permission to use my interview." In a very rude tone he told her, "It's way too late for that lady." Sherri then called the station and told them not to air her interview and they did it anyway. She explained to them that Britten Follet has been reporting biased reports against Raye Dawn and her family since the start of the case and now she's writing a biased book and she did not want to have anything to do with the channel. They stated that she was on a public street so she couldn't do anything about it.

It's so upsetting how the media has treated this case and how everything has been tilted in the favor of the Briggs, a family that has repeatedly lied. The hate will not end until the liars are no longer given a platform. I'm praying for that day to come soon!


  1. In my own personal experience with your media on this case, I believe that they truly do not report honestly. Clearly, the print (Oklahoman - Ed Kelley) and television media of Fox have a bias and refuse to answer questions as to why they present slanted reporting and offer their personal opinions as to how they feel events unfolded. This is something that must be stopped, most especially because it breeds wrongful convictions. Anyone who thinks they are immune to this kind of brutality is only fooling themselves.
    Clearly, the media should present a story free from feelings and emotions. It should be up to the viewer or reader to decide, when given the facts, how they wish to draw their conclusion.
    I am ashamed of these individuals, not only as reporters, but as human beings. They not only provide a grave disservice in creating wrongful convictions and skewed public perceptions but walk through society thinking that their ability to sway public opinion gives them power. It is simply more evil packaged with a pretty bow and ribbon. This new book coming out is more of that same garbage. It is easy to see from the excerpt that the "opinions" of the authors are clearly stated. They lack the intelligence to see how clearly evident their personal opinion is seen in the excerpt! As an author, I would never want anyone to think I was attempting to sway public opinion! A good author with an agenda would hide that! Fools.
    The best justice for these individuals is for them to be place in a similar circumstance where the public can judge them. Let's see how well they take to be slandered and slammed by people who have never spent the time to get to know who they are. It's a disgrace. Perhaps if the interested parties had more money then a lawsuit would shut them up but until then, we have to pray for people to have clear and thoughtful minds when they read or view what is available to them.
    Also - I do believe that if you tell a story enough times to yourself, you come to believe it. These media people most likely believe themselves much like OJ believes he didn't kill Nicole Brown Smith. Part of having an overblown ego. Maybe this is why I only trust court docs anymore.
    Take care Jody. I do believe the truth will set us all free.

  2. Oh - one more thing.
    Those bias Briggs supporters writing their book...
    I put a link up as a fan to let people know there is more for them to read about this case. They deleted it.
    Again - what is truly their agenda I wonder? Certainly a lack of integrity as I see it.

  3. Wendy, I'm not surprised that they deleted the link. I tried to catch Britten's eye while in the courtroom because I wanted to ask her how she could continue to allow Kathie Briggs and others to lie when Britten is an educated woman with some obvious intelligence. She and Cherokee Ballard helped to convict Raye Dawn with their biased media reports.

    Cherokee Ballard went up to Gayla and hugged her and Cherokee had tears in her eyes as she told Gayla that God had put Gayla in her path so that she could apologize for all that she had done to Gayla's family and how she now knew the truth. Then she was photographed with Kathie Briggs, laughing all friendly. Two-faced!

    It's simply ridiculous that Oklahomans are putting up with being lied to and it's sad that the media refuses to tell the full story.

    I wrote to Mr. Nolan Clay and told him that Ed Kelly is an asshole. He is. How dare he make a video like he did and state that Raye Dawn was going to spend her share of the lawsuit in the prison commissary. Raye Dawn told me from the second we discussed her intervening in the lawsuit on the day that she got the letter that she did not want the money to go up Lance's arm or nose and that she wanted to honor her daughter and donate money to the infant crisis center and St. Jude's. That was her first reaction. She wants the money to go to something that will honor her daughter's and her father's memories. Now she's being attacked for it and people are telling lies to fulfill their agendas and they're making up false allegations against me after they have blackmailed me and threatened me repeatedly.

    One of these days the public will realize how they have been played and lied to and those who have allowed this injustice to take place will be the ones looking like fools. I have my truth. I stand by my truth. And I believe Raye Dawn. She has never lied to me and since I know without a doubt that Kathie is a liar because I know for a fact that I would never try to harm someone and there are dozens of people who can back me up on that.

    So there you have it. I was climbing out of the snake pit and they've slithered my way and are sucking me back in because they are afraid of the truth.

  4. I can't believe that about Ms. Ballard, well I can but it still saddens me. So many people on their book's webpage said " I haven't read all the facts" or " I haven't seen all the documents" yet they all fault and criticize Raye. These authors prey upon the ignorance of others. As journalists they should know better and do better. Your blog has been honest and eye-opening. You manage to be understanding of others and even forgiving in the face of so much anger and hate. You speaking the truth has driven others to harrass more and threaten more. There seems no end. But stay the course...the truth WILL prevail!

  5. Emily, I don't know Cherokee personally and she told Gayla that right before she left our NBC station. In my naive mind, I thought it was a good sign and that she would do a report before she left to clear up the lies that the media in Oklahoma had perpetuated, but of course nothing, silence. Then she was at an event with Kathie walking with her and chummy. It was very disappointing.

    Thank you for your support, Emily. Some days I'm at my whit's end. I got tired of being the butt of every joke and harassed and lied about and so I wanted to get back my name and stand up for my integrity and now even more lies are being told. It's a pattern with these people. They make up things and your mouth is left wide open as you wonder where that allegation came from. I've never seen anything like it in my life!