Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shirica's Testimony

Shirica was called to the stand.

Shirica is Lance’s sister.

Shirica spoke about Lance finding out that he was a father on his birthday. Shirica stated, “He was anxious to meet her. He was very excited.”

Lance’s counsel asked Shirica if Lance changed Kelsey’s diaper. Shirica stated that he did.

Shirica stated, “He had her quite spoiled.”

Shirica then spoke about the death of Kelsey and sobbed.

My note: Her testimony was short, but moving. I felt her pain.

Shirica stated, “We not only lost Kelsey, we lost Lance.”

Shirica stated, “He doesn’t come to birthday parties anymore.”

My note: Raye Dawn stated that Lance didn’t go to the parties when she was married to him. He made Raye Dawn go.

My note: Lance is no longer sitting at his table crying and hanging his head down. Now he’s continually staring at Raye Dawn.

Lance’s counsel was making a leading statement about Lance’s well-being.

Jones objected

Objection was sustained

Shirica stated that during the summer they were in Wisconsin and that Lance was on his own and they had a hard time checking on him.

Jones had no questions

Shirica was dismissed

Plaintiff rested

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