Friday, January 22, 2010

Proof of the hate

My good friend in London, Laura, made this video to show some of the hate these people have spread just in the last few weeks. Thank you Laura! Big hugs to you.


  1. WOW! Laura. What a powerful video. It really puts everything into perspective that Jody has gone through. What is interesting to me is how these women don't realize that everything they put on the internet becomes public property. So in reading this, you can see clearly the verbal abuse you've gone through (and this is just is the past few weeks!). I can't imagine over such a long period of time.
    You have made a very insightful video Laura. It makes me more fully appreciate what Jody has endured as it will other people who know her.
    I also didn't realize I was thought of as a ZOMBIE. Interesting to hear. I am probably one of the smartest women they will ever meet. So when I process information, I grasp it quickly and it wasn't difficult for me to see the truth and to understand fully what Raye and her family has been up against since this happened.
    I am wishing your book great success. You have a winner here. Hope to meet you some day Laura.

  2. The crazy part about it, Wendy, is that they make comments like they're having a conversation with me and they're not. I have only posted what they've said about me on this blog and have responded to very few of their comments. I'm not emailing them or responding to posts. But from the comments they make, it's like I'm responding.

    I have to agree that you're one of the smartest women I've ever known. I just love you and respect you so much. :)

    It's ludicrous to think that anyone who supports Raye Dawn does so because of what I'm telling them to do. They are basing their opinions on facts and the haters can't stand that so they say I'm lying. The whole thing is just ludicrous!

    Thank you so much for your support, Wendy. Maybe on Laura's next visit we can come and see you or you can come here. I'm hoping that Laura spends another week with us this year. We very much enjoyed her being here last year. She's like a part of our British daughter. LOL!

  3. Yep Wendy, it made me laugh that in all the postings they are addressing Jody, yet she had done none of what they are claiming, let them make a 5 minute video (mine could have been longer but I chose to use the most recent postings) with hateful things Jody has said to them, but they won't be able to, because she hasn't, that's the point. And yes we are called Zombies, trolls, and many other variations of the same.
    It would be great to meet you Wendy, hopefully we will soon.
    And yep Jody, your my american Momma :) .

    Laura H.