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Shirica's post about meeting with Mike Porter and his OSBI interview

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I don't know how much information I can offer you on
Mike Porter. I do know that he is in a prison out of state,
but I cannot recall which state he is in. I do remember
seeing him listed in whatever prison it is that he is in so I
know he is registered. I do not know his family at all. I
spoke with what I thought was Mary Beth on the
telephone right after Kelsey's death to offer her some kind
of condolence for what her family must have been going
through. At one point I did think I was exchanging
emails with her but came to find out after the fact that
they were actually from Porter. I did not meet with Mike
in my home. I thought at one point that I was meeting
with Mary Beth and Mike in a location in OKC and it
turned out that Mary Beth knew nothing about it and
Mike was the only one there. It was in a very public
location. I cannot be sure if anything he said to me was
the truth or if it was to serve his own purpose. I am sorry
that I cannot offer you much insight on this subject. I
know that both of his parents are deceased and he has
two sisters that live here in Oklahoma and then he has the
mothers of his children that live in the area, but I do not
know them. I have not had any contact at all with any of
his family or him since well before his plea agreement. I
cannot tell you if they are keeping him safe. I was told
that the reason he was moved out of state was because
they could not keep him safe in the state of Oklahoma and
I have been told that the prisoners and guards are not
aware of his situation at the prison he is currently at. I
hope I was able to offer some insight into whatever it is
you are seeking. I just do not know a lot about him. I tried
my best to find out what I could, but when you are
dealing with a criminal it is hard to know what is the
truth. I think he is a sorry individual and it does not make
me any difference if he is protected or not. He made his
mistakes, now he must do what he can to live with them.

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RE: Comments on OSBI interviews.
During MP's interview, he kept grabbing his heart and acting like he was having
chest pains and he acted like he was going to vomit a time or two and was very
dramatic. I have never seen such a drama queen. His body language was
screaming guilt. He was beyond nervous and then toward the end he says he
wants an attorney and he wants to see his wife. Watching the tape is so different
from reading it. I truly feel that this man is responsible for the death of Kelsey.
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RE: Comments on OSBI interviews.
I have no doubt he did it.
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RE: Comments on OSBI interviews.
Most of our family members were not allowed in the courtroom during much of
the trial because we were subpoenaed as potential witnesses. My husband and
Lance were able to witness Michael Porter's testimony. I understand that it was
very compelling and he appeared to be genuine and believable. A few KP
members witnessed his testimony. They may be able to give more insight.

Kelsey's Aunt Bean
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There has been a lot of discussion about MP and also his testimony in court. As I
previously mentioned, I had the opportunity to be in the court room while MP
testified against RD. As I said before, I wanted to believe what he said but started
realizing that some things just didnt add up.
I have read the OSBI transcript from MP's interview. After reading it and thinking
about his testimony, it's clear to me that he had rehearsed his testimony for RD's
trial. I think he knew exactly what he was going to say and how to say it. I also
think he had prepared himself for the attack from Huddleston (RD's attorney). I
was always surprised by how calm and collected he remained even though her
attorney was screaming at him and accusing him of murdering and sexual
assaulting Kelsey. I see major differences in the MP giving this OSBI interview and
the man who sat in that court room. The man is obviously consumed by guilt and
fear. His behavior both at the hospital, afterwards and during this interview make
that obvious. I think he was scared to death that he was about to finally be
I personally think he was lying about the day he says he walked into the bedroom
and found RD punching Kelsey in the stomach. How convenient that she just
happened to be punching her in the stomach and Kelsey died from abdominal
injuries just a few months later. How convenient that she told him all she had to
do was blame everything on him. I call BS on MP!
For the first time in 2 years, I feel more certain than ever that I know what
happened to Kelsey. I think the role that RD played in her death will always
remain a mystery but I think for most of us, we know who killed Kelsey. I find
some small bit of peace in having some questions answered by these interviews. I
am so thankful that the Briggs family has been kind enough to share them with all
of us.
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  1. Doesn't that just say it all. Mike Porter is evil on earth.

  2. I find it interesting that some say the Briggs have always thought that Raye killed Kelsey...I think Shirca's emails show that just is not the case. She states she believed it was Mike, as do some other senior members of KP. Even in the clips from Kathie's interview she goes back and forth.
    The emails are disturbing to me in so many ways...why on earth would they pass information to Mike about the OSBI or DA when he was charged with Kelsey's murder? And how is it that Jeanna would be able to pass information to the DA and have access to his private email? While he is prosecuting a high profile case??? It makes no sense to me!

  3. I agree, Wendy. I wish he would have gone to trial. I cannot believe the district attorney allowed him to get away with not going to trial. Tragedy!

    Emily, I know! I believe it's whatever suits their current agenda is what they are going to say. I really can't think of another explanation because clearly the only one who was still supporting Mike Porter was Jeanna and I seriously doubt that she meant a word she said. How could she? I also question why she would have his personal e-mail address. To me that seems unprofessional on his part.